Name: Giotsa Artemis
Academic Rank: Professor
GG: Pending
Phone./Fax: 26510 05767
Office: 4th floor, Preschool Education Dept.

Her research and writing work is in the field of Social Psychology. Examples include: family structure and function, representations of children for their families, perceptions of parents, children and teachers about the behavior of significant others, acceptance of rejection in school and family contexts, systemic theory and its application to various systems, development of dynamics of the school team, parent and teacher counseling. She has also been involved in the development of various psychometric tools for studying the structure and function of the family and the relationships of members within the family context, which have intercultural validity.
To date, she has been a research fellow on a variety of research programs aimed at adapting foreign and repatriated students and parents, national identity, crisis management in schools, parenting, parenting and teacher acceptance, rejection of parents and teachers. a. Since 2005, she is a Scientific Adviser to the project “Parent Schools” implemented by the Ministry of Education, Institute for Lifelong Learning (INEDIVIM) and applies to vulnerable social groups such as prisoners, immigrants, Roma, children with special needs etc. He is also a member of the research team of the “ACT / Young Adults Against Violence” program of the Association of Greek Psychologists in collaboration with the American Psychological Associaiton / APA.

She studied French Philology at the University of Athens (1992) and subsequently obtained her degree in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, Department of Philosophy of Education and Psychology, University of Athens (1996). She completed her PhD in Social Psychology in the Department of Psychology of the University of Athens, with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and was awarded a doctorate in 2003. The topic of the thesis was: “Developing psychological variables in the family: An intercultural study”.

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