Principles of the Curriculum

The purpose of the Undergraduate Program of the Department is the complete and high quality education of the students according to the requirements of the modern sciences of Early Childhood Education. The Curriculum covers a full range of subjects and disciplines organized in four modules of study, as follows: Pedagogy, Social Sciences in Education, Science and its Teaching, Logos, Art and Education, which on the one hand correspond to the learning areas of the Curricula for Kindergarten and on the other hand provide the opportunity for graduates to continue their studies in cutting-edge postgraduate programs.

Furthermore, the Undergraduate Program enables the development of 21st century teaching skills and competencies in accordance with international standards. In this way, the guaranteed professional rights of the graduates as early childhood educators are strengthened and the access to workplaces of the wider social sector is expanded.

Thus, the curriculum provides a series of Compulsory Courses, core science, a series of Elective Compulsory courses and finally a series of Elective courses where the student meets its particular preferences or needs and forms his personal profile as an educator-researcher .