The administrative bodies of the Department of Early Childhood Education, according to Law 1268/82, are:

  • the General Assembly (G.A.) και
  • the President with the Vice President (the position of Vice President was institutionalized by Law 1566/85). The Vice President shall deputize for the President when he is absent, absent or incapacitated.

Regarding the legal status of the responsibilities of these bodies, the provisions that were in force before the entry into force of the law 4009/2011 (Α΄ 195).

The President of the Departmentis elected by the Professors and the serving Lecturers of the Department by direct, secret and universal suffrage and has a two-year term. {10 Article 10 – Bodies of the department of law 4009/ 2011 (Α΄ 195). Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 10 have been amended as above under paragraph 1 of article 4 of law 4076/2012 (Α΄159) }.

The Assembly of the Departmentconsists of the Professors and the serving Lecturers of the Department, according to what was provided by the provisions in force at the entry into force of law 4009/2011 (AD 195), a representative, per category, of the members of the Special Education Staff (EEP), members of the Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP) and members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (ETEP), as well as two representatives of the students of the Department (one undergraduate and one postgraduate student). The representatives of the members of the Special Teaching Staff (EEP), the Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP) and the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (ETEP) are elected by direct, universal and secret ballot among their respective members. Article 49 of this law shall apply in accordance with the representation of students. {10 Article 10 – Bodies of the department of law 4009/ 2011 (Α΄ 195), paragraph 5}.

The General Assembly exercises its responsibilities provided by Law 2083/92, article 4. In general, it decides on issues, such as the curriculum and the study regulations, teaching assignments, textbooks, the distribution of credits, faculty vacancy notices, and for any other issue that may concern the Department.
Because there is no Board of Directors in the Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Ioannina , due to the non-existence of sections, all its responsibilities are transferred to the General Assembly.

The President of the Department convenes the General Assembly, prepares its agenda and chairs its work. Proposes to the General Assembly for the various issues of its competence, keeps records of scientific activity of each of its members, takes care of the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly, sets up committees for the study and processing of specific issues, heads the services of the Department and is responsible for the execution of decisions of the General Assembly

The highest collective body of the University is the Senate.
{Article 8 – Institutional bodies {N. 4009/2011 “Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of higher education institutions.”(GG Α’ 195/06-09-2011)}
{This article has been formulated in accordance with the amendments to the laws: α) Law 4025/2011 «Reconstruction of Social Solidarity Bodies, Rehabilitation Centers, Restructuring of the National Health System and other provisions.» (ΦΕΚ Α΄ 228/02-11-2011) και β) Ν. 4076/2012 «Arrangements of Higher Education Institutions and other provisions.» (GG Α΄ 159/10-08-2012)}.

The Senate consists of:

  1. the rector,
  2. the deans, [Case c’ of paragraph 19 of article 8 of law 4009/2011 (AD 195) is amended based on par. 10 of article 2 of law 4076/2012 (AD159) as follows:]
  3. the Heads of the Departments and up to two per School, with a two-year non-renewable term, with alternation of faculties and until all the Departments of each School are exhausted. The manner of determining the representation of the Heads is determined by a decision of the Rector, which is issued once.
  4. a representative of the undergraduate students, of the postgraduate students and a representative of the doctoral candidates, where present, who are elected for an annual term without the possibility of re-election,
  5. a representative of each category of staff provided for in Articles 28 and 29, for a two-year term, without the possibility of re-election, elected by a single ballot paper by universal suffrage of the members when issues concerning the respective category of staff are discussed.

The exact composition and the number of members of the Senate with the right to vote, as well as the conditions and any issue related to the application of the above, are provided in the Organization and the Rules of Procedure of the Ιnstitution, respectively.
The deputies of the rector and the secretary of the institution are present at the meetings of the Senate, without the right to vote.
The Head of the Secretariat of the University attends the meetings of the Senate without the right to vote.