Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Program

Upon completion of the Department’s Undergraduate Program, graduates are expected to:

  1. have acquired a strong background in the Sciences of Education as well as sound knowledge in the respective fields
  2. substantiate their views with data by developing arguments and reasoning
  3. gain primary experience
  4. be familiar with reflective and metacognitive processes
  5. acquire skills of criticism, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, while developing their imagination and empathy to be able to meet the educational needs of the sensitive space of preschool
  6. have developed the ability to further their studies with a high degree of autonomy, as required by responsible research and innovation
  7. have achieved a balanced development in the fields of science, social sciences and humanities for their role as responsible educators and citizens
  8. act within the educational community on the goals of sustainable development (environment, climate change, place, time, social exclusion, inequalities, state participation, health and well-being).